E-commerce Alternatives for Shopify 2020

by Admin on April, 2020-13 19:31

E-commerce Alternatives for Shopify 2020

Shopify is indeed a very brilliant idea & it is despite being limited in many ways still is considered one of the best options to go for when it comes to building your own e-commerce platform. However, there are many things people don’t like about Shopify & that’s the topic of today & hopefully a solution will lie right underneath it.

World is changing

Indeed it’s a broader term however even in technology, it’s very obvious that people want more. And with Shopify, it’s not really a case.
Shopify Cms is totally reliant on Shopify cloud-based infrastructure & no matter how cool it may sound it’s not always so for tech gurus & big companies.

Issue with big companies is that they always need full control over what they do & they don’t want to rely on their party & be limited on basic features of the website.

What could be the best alternatives to Shopify?

Shopify could have allowed multiple language support & users could have been given full access to the code so they can manage it themselves.

Or there at least could have been a premium feature for a full access.
So that published, developers and big companies can have complete control over the code.

Mobile apps support

Now when it comes to e-commerce a mobile app seems to be a must.

Businesses have a mobile app have better chances of getting sales then the others.
So if a client ever wants to build a mobile app for their website they are going to have a lot of troubles.
As Shopify DB won’t be able to communicate with the apps and it will be impossible to manage all these mobile platforms together with the website.

Just think of posting an item you spent 30 minutes designing & then having to post all of that on a different panel or DB so that it can appear to your mobile apps.
This hassle is too much and many store owners tends to have their own custom website when they have a little bit of business.

Game changer?

A solution that can solve this problem could be a game-changer for the e-commerce platform.A platform that allows users to be able to make a website & choose a theme of their choice, then be able to choose a theme for their mobile apps.

Then an admin panel so that they can manage all three platforms from a single side.
All of that can be a game changer for e-commerce industry & can bring much more value to the customers.

OMG Lancer E-commerce Platform

It’s not always about having ideas, some people are actually building solutions as the problems comes in.

Omg lancer is a it solutions providing company offering many great readymade solutions for web & mobile both.
Just recently they have lunched their e-commerce solution with multi platforms support.

You can have centralized database for all the mobile and web platforms and this seems like the best alternative to the Shopify.
The solution comes with ready made web and mobile admin panel so you don’t have to worry about posting products when you are on vacation you can just post a product from your phone.

Check them out here on this link.

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