Uber Clone App - A Mobile App Template By Omg Lancer

by Admin on April, 2020-30 16:27

Uber Clone App - A Mobile App Template By Omg Lancer

Cabon is a uber clone app template by Omg lancer, it's a complete app solution that allows you to run your own business like uber.
It can be launched under any name and can be turned into any sort of brand.

It's highly secure and is based on the AWS servers.
Uber Clone script we offer comes with many top-notch features like in-app messaging like Uber & live google map tracking & other stuff like this.

If you are interested in buying this amazing Uber Clone app template (CABON), you can reach out to us at the following details.

Cabon driver app is a very advanced app with all the uber app features and many more ads on features that you can't find anywhere else that easily.

We have provided a complete and highly secure app template that lets you run your own cab business with a whole lot of flexibility.

Cabon uber clone script also comes with an admin app that lets you manage both the apps from the comfort of your phone.

This feature is never provided before by anyone else and we have made it so easy to manage this business.

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Here we have a complete demo of our amazing application which you must see to understand the working and functionality of this amazing application.

Our script also includes a reskinning service that we provide our customers upon purchase.

However, when it comes to buying our application script then we always advise you to contact us by sending us an email or messaging on WhatsApp.

We will help you to understand your needs and functionality of this application in a better way. Here are our contact details which you can use:

WhatsApp number: +94719258317

Direct Call : +61 2 8003 7182

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