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Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer


Cabon - Uber clone is a Taxi app which can be used as a clone to Uber or lyft to run a Cab business.It comes with User & Driver sides of the app.

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Cabon - Uber Clone App Template By OMG Lancer

You can go live within 72 hours using our State of the art, Advanced, Customizable & User-Friendly Uber Clone app solution.
Get Started now with your uber clone script taxi booking app solution to run your very own taxi business. Our uber clone script/app template bundle comes with clean and easy to play with source code, & we offer free reskinning service for native platforms. Cabon Uber clone app comes with great features like taxi admin portal, ability to modify app through admin panel sending push notifications & much much more.
With Cabon Readymade uber clone app, great benefits come & you can set your taxi business within hours. Our Cabon script is the best Uber Clone available in the market up to date, technically advanced, and the best on-demand taxi booking software available ready to be yours within minutes. Cabon taxi app which is a great alternative to Uber is built on state of the art technologies including services like AWS as a service hosting company & Database of Mongo DB which is one of the most secure databases available.

Cabon - Uber Clone Driver App Template by OMG Lancer

At present, when we consider on-demand benefits is the need for the day in the taxi business. Specifically, with the creating of on-demand taxi applications. Get your own one of a kind Uber clone impelled in just 3 days at Cabon Uber Clone by OMG Lancer. Set it in your favored language and at a reasonable expense with us. Use the versatile source code from us at Cabon and get it presented on Native Android and just as on iOS application. Here at Cabon, we give the perfect taxi booking application and taxi dispatch programming in a limited ability to focus time. Our Uber clone content is an innovative, astonishing, and really progressed on-demand taxi booking solution. With its straightforward procedure, it has been sorted out using forefront advancement.

It is ideal for businessmen who are particularly anxious about starting their own one of a kind business. At present, when we think about Uber clone has set one of the main and the best improvement in the general market. With everything taken into account when we consider everybody began propelling their own taxi booking successful like Uber. At present, when we consider it has seen the latest improvement in the taxi business and it is making phenomenal progress in the present. On the off chance that you are here, maybe you are one of the proprietors of taxi dispatch business or wanting to make your own one of a kind clone application like Uber then you are in the ideal spot. In the event that you have your own one of a kind dispatch taxi business, at that point, this application is the most ideal approach to manage your business. To make it short, it has legitimately moderate and exceptional highlights also which will suit better for a startup. This Uber clone content comprises of the inventive highlights and empowers people to manage their own unique taxi business in a solid way.

Through Uber clone, one can make their Own Taxi Booking App and it is said to be in all likelihood the best thought for the ride-hailing business. Considering everything together, when we look critical You will be astonished at their movement in the business. Here the clone programming has ideal improvement for the best business administrations. Band together with us at Uberdoo here we comprehend and furnish the ideal programming with the uncommon plans and costs. Here we know the nuances of making Uber-like application improvement in a compelling way. Here we mind-boggling subtleties of use and help shoppers to win in the market with a great status. There is an outright open door given to you as a business visionary to fix and make thoughts. Here we give you the source code of the application with the objective that you can work on it the way where you need it. Presently at present, the Uber clone content has shaped into energetic progress in the general market. It is the best way to deal with your business. To make it short it comprises of the conservatives striking features in like the way which will suit better for a startup. It engages individuals to deal with their own extraordinary taxi business in a strong manner. Here it has a brisk review of best features in order to serve the customers in the right way and in an inventive way. Interface with us at Uberdoo for the perfect programming with the awe-inspiring plans and cost.

Cabon - Uber Clone Admin App Template by OMG Lancer

Uber Clone Script Key Features

App users can create accounts with Social Media like Facebook & Gmail.

Finding drivers instantly nearby using the amazing navigation tools just like Uber.

Users can track driver locations in the realtime using device GPS functions to enhance user experience on the Uber Clone template.

Scheduling the rides with uber clone script is pretty easy, you can schedule a ride at any time in the future & stop worrying about it.

Users have multiple payment options & reviews are managed accordingly.

Admin application to manage drivers commissions & other drivers utilities.

Notice is the best way to deal with pass notice the procedure like driver status, customer booking status, and if there ought to emerge an event of any excellent events or progressions. Customers and drivers can follow their ride status with our in-produced course module. In the vast majority of the cases, the travelers will get the warning and the update of the ride.

Clients would now have the choice to call and visit with the drivers can impeccably utilize the application. The discussion history will be kept up until the ride gets wrapped up.

In-application portion nuances the drivers can see the status of their benefit inside the application itself. It gets invigorated continuously after each ride. Here the customers can pay tips to the driver through the application, both through on the web or disconnected administrations.

Rating and Review
The client can give the review and rating about their ride this can be seen by the head and make the principal strides for better assistance. Offer examinations to your on-demand expert centers. In the greater part of the cases, the traveler can give tips to drivers through the application both on the web and just as in disconnected administrations.

Profile Management
Profile Management courses of action to give the perfect clearness for the riders about the driver. Here in this application, they have the workplace that the driver can make their profile with name, address, contact number, photographs for the clarification of the riders.


Our uber clone app template offers a wide range of features that are pretty hard to find elsewhere in the market. Our apps are published to the stores & can be tested at any point in time. Our user app clone also works on all different devices.

Frontend Website for Apps
Our Solution comes with Frontend website for users to get to know about your uber clone business.

Android App For Users
Solutions included Android & IOS sides of user app that users can use to book rides & do more.

Android App For Drivers
Uber Clone solution comes with a Driver app for Android that drivers can use to get bookings & rides.

Android Admin App For Managing
It's a very unique feature not available with any other app. An Admin panel for managing Both the apps. But the best thing is that it's based on Android.

Web Admin Panel For Managing Database
We also offer with this Uber clone script the web admin panel for you to manage the apps & update the database as needed.

Managing Commissions & Payouts Via Admin
Giving out commissions and keeping an eye on the payout for drivers is pretty easy with both the admin apps (WEB & ANDROID ADMIN)

Our app script offers amazing ways for admin to manage everything. We provide admin a handy app that gives him access to the uber clone template instantly anywhere anytime.

Step by step instructions to start a taxi business!

- Contact us with your particular necessity through Email, Chat, or calls. We will comprehend your taxi administration business prerequisites and send you the subtleties of the application. We will likewise set up a LIVE WORKING DEMO of the application for you which will assist you with comprehension of the application totally.

- When you have taken the Demo of the uber clone application and are completely happy with it, you can put in a request with us.

- We allot a devoted undertaking director to you who deals with the whole application for you directly from the earliest starting point until the uber clone applications are propelled.

- The group begins dealing with a white name taxi application with your logo, image name, the decision of language, and the decision of money.

- After this procedure, the application is practically prepared. To affirm with you, we give you a working demo of your application with your content, pictures, content, logo, and so forth. On your endorsement, we feel free to dispatch these applications of the Play store and the Apple application store.

- Hoorah! Your taxi booking application is live and can begin procuring cash for you in a flash!

- After we have effectively propelled the application and conveyed them to your servers, we will likewise hand over the uber clone source code to you.


Our app Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer offers a wide degree of highlights that are incredibly precarious somewhere else in the market. Our applications are coursed to the stores and can be endeavored at whatever point. Our client application clone, also, takes a shot at every extraordinary gadget.

Application with frontend:

Our Solution goes with Frontend site for clients to end up being progressively acquainted with about your business.

Android App For Users:

Courses of action included Android and IOS sides of client application that clients can use to book legal backers and accomplish more.

Android App For purchaser:

Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer goes with the most surprising and fundamentally innovative gathering financing blueprints.Interface with us with your specific need through Email, Chat, or calls. We will other than set up an appraisal on whether the data that you have given us is right and genuine or not and sometime later we will help you with an understanding of the application.Precisely when you have taken the Demo of the overall stunning and essentially inventive gathering financing courses of action and are completely content with it, you can place in a deal with us.

Android Admin App For Managing:

It's an exceptionally astounding segment not open with some other application. An Admin board for managing Both the applications. In any case, inquisitively, it depends upon Android.

Web Admin Panel For Managing Database:

We in like way offer with this the most dumbfounding and altogether inventive crowd funding strategies the web headboard for you to deal with the applications and update the database fluctuating.

Coordinating Commissions and Payouts Via Admin:

Giving out commissions and watching out for the payout for clients is fundamental with both the director applications (WEB and ANDROID ADMIN)Our application content offers amazing ways for the chief to manage everything. We give the supervisor a supportive application that gives him access to the most stunning and essentially creative gathering financing approaches rapidly any place at whatever point.


Our application engineers are profoundly qualified and astounding at coding and they work in a proficient manner and the code we use is somewhat basic that even an individual with less information about coding can likewise alter it effortlessly.


NativeScript is an open-source structure to create applications on the Apple iOS and Android stages. It was initially considered and created by Progress. NativeScript applications are fabricated utilizing JavaScript, or by utilizing any language that transpiles to JavaScript.

Android Studio:

Our code is just composed on the android studio as we as a whole realize that the android studio is the Faster Deployment of Fresh Builds. We can carry steady changes to a current application code or asset in a simpler and quicker manner. It is increasingly precise programming. It gives quicker programming and testing. It is comprehensive for application advancement and it has better application ordering.

Full control:

We give full control to the purchaser of the application even on the backend and the frontend. The purchaser can totally access to all the terminals of the application with no concern.

Exceptionally Secure:

The code is exceptionally secure and doesn't contain any bug or whatever other deficiency that may degenerate the framework in any capacity or damage the purchaser or the client.

Plug and Play:

The code is so successful and simple that it very well may be utilized on any framework effectively with no concern that it probably won't chip away at certain frameworks.

Made with affection:

We give our 100% on each application we make. All our applications are made with care and love and we love our work so we give our best to our clients.


Do you love our application? What's more, need to manufacture another application like that or some other application of this class, don't hesitate to reach us, we couldn't imagine anything better than to work with you and work with you.Here are a portion of the bundles that we furnish on the off chance that you need to work with us.

The Kick Starter Package:


This package includes:

App icon change:

If you want us to change to the icon of the app, we would do that for you and would do it exactly as you wish.

Basic color change:                                        

The colors of the app can also be changed by our effective coders.

Package name change:

The package name can be easily changed too.

Playstore ready APK:

The app that we provide you be ready to be put on the Playstore and will be play store approved.

Standard choice:


Rebranding of the App:

The Rebranding of the app will be included in this package.

Package changed APK:

In this option, the package of the APK will also get changed.

Database Setup:

We will provide you with a full database setup that will be easily handled by the customer.

Database Integration:

The Database of the app will be integrated.

Premium Pack:


Rebranding and Package:

Both rebranding and the package will be set in this package.

Database Setup:

A database that will be set up beforehand will be provided to the customer.

Database Integration:

The Database of the app will be integrated.

App Submission and Approval:

The app you'll request will be approved and will be submitted to the play store without any problem.

Administrator PANEL:

All our applications accompany full administrator board so the purchaser has full control of the backend and the frontend of the application. The administrator board is additionally extremely simple to you that even a layman can without much of a stretch put information in it. Our administrator board is bolstered by AWS that implies it is completely secure as we probably am aware AWS give their clients full help and security. The administrator board also is completely made sure about and can't be tempered with effectively and it is completely versatile too that implies that in the event that you want to change the substance or some other thing in the application you can do it effectively through the administrator board.


There are reliably requests before the last procurement of a thing, and we perceive how critical that might be. So here are a bit of those requests answered.

What arranges this application depends on/for?

Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer depends on Android Studio and it's worked for Android stage the improvement language used for building the application is JAVA.

What is Admin leading group of the application dependent on?

We are using Parse Platform forCabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer App, the database Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer is using is Mango DB. By and by stage is maintained by AWS. In any case if you wish to have it to your own server there is a bare essential guide available and we can share upon your sales.

What's the cost of Admin board encouraging?

As a matter of first importance in case you have 100 - 200 customers on your application the cost of encouraging is nothing. It's "0" regardless, if your application creates, there is a basic scaling elective for just 5$/month and you can scale it as much as you normally like. It never goes down, etc like other typical servers as it's encouraged on AWS.

Would advertisement have the option to crowd be facilitated in the application?

Genuinely in the part where all customers posts are coming you can incorporate the advancement swarm commercials, it's completely easy to fuse any sort of advancements in the application.

Will we be insisted on Playstore?

Surely, completely! you will be supported as Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer is endorsed, and live on playstore. Essentially guarantee you don't use same logo and group name as of Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer application. In like manner have a go at changing the shades before disseminating your application to playstore.

Is it precise to state that you are meaning to offer IOS and Web applications?

In reality, our creators are working on the IOS and Web sides of Cabon Uber Clone - Taxi / Cab Service Mobile App template For Android by OMG Lancer  application. At the point when the applications are set up for web and IOS we will invigorate to our website and on this posting as well. If you have purchased our substance you will moreover be informed.

What kind of customizations you can offer?

We have 3 packs referenced above for rebranding,DB Integeration, and appropriating of utilization to playstore. Regardless, that presumably won't be all that you need.We offer all sort of customizations and upgrades you may require in the application. However, the sum of that will be discussed over a one on one affiliation. Dependent upon your necessities we can give you the quotes. If its all the same to you don't stop for a second to send us an email or associate with us on WhatsApp or clearly call us to find out additional. You can get all the nuances above or you can visit to get them.

To learn about the database & structure of the database visit us here

Cabon - Uber Clone Database Structure

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Backend comes with the mobile app script.
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