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Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions


Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution Plant a tree is one of the most amazing and highly innovative crowdfunding solutions. This amazing application has been built for all three major platforms which are Android, web, and iOS.


Plant A tree is a crowdfunding platform made for Android, IOS & Web that allows everyone to be a part of turning our world green again. Script by Sheharyar Solutions in cooperation with OMG Lancer visit us for purchasing the scripts.

Plant a tree android app

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Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution Plant a tree is one of the most amazing and highly innovative crowdfunding solutions. This amazing application has been built for all three major platforms which are Android, web, and iOS. The basic purpose of developing Plant a Tree Crowdfund platform for android, web, and iOS is to make it possible for everyone to access this application and play their role to turn our world into green once again. This is an amazingly equipped solution that is packed with an amazing range of features and can help the admin of this application to manage everything on this application in the best possible way.

Key features of this application

Do you want to know some of the most interesting features of this application? Well, here are some of the best features which are highly important for you to know in this regard. Without any doubt, knowing these features will let you more about this application in a more effective way. So, here we go:
  • Check contributions This is a highly equipped solution which will easily make you able to see all the transactions which have been made for the trees with ease. Not only the transactions but you can also have a look at the details of the contributors that they have given while contributing to making the world green once again. All and all, this can be easier for you to not only manage this application but also to keep tracking what you are getting and who is helping your agenda by contributing with ease.
  • Secure transactions When it comes to payment options then it is always necessary to pay more attention to ensure a secure transaction in the best possible. We understand the need and importance of secure transactions therefore, we have used Stripe as a payment gateway to make sure the things go well in the best possible way. Both admin and users of this application are secured with powerful payment solutions of Stripe. It is because this comes with an amazing range of options that can help you to process partial refunds, complete refunds, and other claims in a more amazing way with ease.
  • Verify credit cards When it comes to credit card validity verification then, you don’t have to be worried about this at all. It is because this application is equipped with the functionality to verify the card owner and its validity with ease. This feature will surely provide peace of mind to the owner of this application with ease.
  • Admin panel More importantly, this application also contains an admin panel that has the ability to help admin in managing the entire application in a more effective way. It will not only help the application admin to manage the stuff available on this application but can also let the admin set different social media links which can make it easier for the users to follow the links.
 Sheharyar Plant a Tree | Images 2

 Sheharyar Plant a Tree | Images 2

Download App demonstration
Sheharyar Plant a Tree | Download Android Template


Our Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions offers a wide scope of highlights that are really elusive somewhere else in the market. Our applications are distributed to the stores and can be tried anytime. Our client application clone likewise chips away at all various gadgets.

Application with frontend:

Our Solution accompanies Frontend site for clients to become more acquainted with about your business.

Android App For Users:

Arrangements included Android and IOS sides of client application that clients can use to book legal counselors and accomplish more.

Android App For purchaser:

Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions accompanies the most astonishing and profoundly imaginative crowd funding arrangements.
Get in touch with us with your specific need through Email, Chat, or calls. We will grasp your taxi organization business essentials and send you the nuances of the application. We will moreover set up an examination on whether the data that you have given us is right and lawful or not and afterward we will help you with understanding of the application.
At the point when you have taken the Demo of the generally astonishing and profoundly creative crowd funding solutions and are totally content with it, you can place in a solicitation with us.

Android Admin App For Managing:

It's an extremely remarkable element not accessible with some other application. An Admin board for overseeing Both the applications. In any case, interestingly, it depends on Android.

Web Admin Panel For Managing Database:

We likewise offer with this the most astounding and profoundly inventive crowdfunding arrangements the web administrator board for you to deal with the applications and update the database varying.

Overseeing Commissions and Payouts Via Admin:

Giving out commissions and watching out for the payout for funds is entirely simple with both the administrator applications (WEB and ANDROID ADMIN)
Our application content offers astonishing ways for administrator to oversee everything. We give administrator a convenient application that gives him access to the most astonishing and profoundly creative crowd funding arrangements immediately anyplace whenever.


Our application engineers are exceptionally qualified and astounding at coding and they work in an effective manner and the code we use is fairly straightforward that even an individual with less information about coding can likewise alter it easily.


NativeScript is an open-source structure to create applications on the Apple iOS and Android stages. It was initially imagined and created by Progress. NativeScript applications are manufactured utilizing JavaScript, or by utilizing any language that transpiles to JavaScript.

Android Studio:

Our code is essentially composed on the android studio as we as a whole realize that the android studio is the Faster Deployment of Fresh Builds. We can carry steady changes to a current application code or asset in a simpler and quicker manner. It is progressively exact programming. It gives quicker programming and testing. It is comprehensive for application improvement and it has better application ordering.

Full control:

We give full control to the purchaser of the application even on the backend and the frontend. The purchaser can totally access to all the terminals of the application with no concern.

Profoundly Secure:

The code is profoundly secure and doesn't contain any bug or whatever other flaw that may degenerate the framework in any capacity or mischief the purchaser or the client.

Plug and Play:

The code is so successful and simple that it tends to be utilized on any framework effectively with no concern that it probably won't take a shot at certain frameworks.

Made with adoration:

We give our 100% on each application we make. All our applications are made with care and love and we love our work so we give our best to our clients.


Do you love our application? Furthermore, need to assemble another application like that or some other application of this class, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we couldn't want anything more than to work with you and work with you.

Here are a portion of the bundles that we furnish on the off chance that you need to work with us.

The Kick Starter Package:

This package incorporates:

Application icon change:

In the event that you need us to change to the symbol of the application, we would do that for you and would do it precisely as you wish.

Fundamental shading change:

The shades of the application can likewise be changed by our powerful coders.

Package name change:

The package name can be effortlessly changed as well.

Playstore prepared APK:

The application that we give you be fit to be put on the Playstore and will be play store affirmed.

Standard decision:


Rebranding of the App:

The Rebranding of the application will be remembered for this bundle.

Package changed APK:

In this choice, the bundle of the APK will likewise get changed.

Database Setup:

 We will give you a full database arrangement that will be handily taken care of by the client.

Database Integration:

The Database of the application will be coordinated.

Premium Pack:


Rebranding and Package:

Both rebranding and the bundle will be set in this bundle.

Database Setup:

A database that will be set up in advance will be given to the client.

Database Integration:

The Database of the application will be coordinated.

Application Submission and Approval:

The application you'll demand will be endorsed and will be submitted to the play store with no issue.

Administrator PANEL:

All our applications accompany full administrator board so the purchaser has full control of the backend and the frontend of the application. The administrator board is likewise exceptionally simple to you that even a layman can without much of a stretch put information in it. Our administrator board is bolstered by AWS that implies it is completely secure as we probably am aware AWS give their clients full help and security. The administrator board also is completely made sure about and can't be tempered with effectively and it is completely adaptable too that implies that on the off chance that you want to change the substance or some other thing in the application you can do it effectively through the administrator board.

FAQ’S Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions:

There are reliably requests before the last procurement of a thing, and we perceive how critical that might be. So here are a bit of those requests answered.

What arranges this application depends on/for?

Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions depends on Android Studio and it's worked for Android stage the improvement language used for building the application is JAVA.

What is Admin leading group of the application dependent on?

We are using Parse Platform for Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions App, the database Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions is using is Mango DB. By and by stage is maintained by AWS. In any case if you wish to have it to your own server there is a quick and dirty guide open and we can share upon your sales.

What's the cost of Admin board encouraging?

As a matter of first importance in case you have 100 - 200 customers on your application the cost of encouraging is nothing. It's "0" regardless, if your application creates, there is a straightforward scaling elective for just 5$/month and you can scale it as much as you normally like. It never goes down, etc like other ordinary servers as it's encouraged on AWS.

Would advertisement have the option to swarm be composed in the application?

Genuinely in the part where all customers posts are coming you can incorporate the advancement swarm ads, it's altogether easy to consolidate any sort of advancements in the application.

Will we be insisted on Playstore?

Without a doubt, completely! you will be supported as Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions is endorsed, and live on playstore. Essentially guarantee you don't use same logo and group name as of Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions application. In like manner have a go at changing the tones before disseminating your application to playstore.

Is it precise to state that you are aiming to offer IOS and Web applications?

To be sure, our planners are working on the IOS and Web sides of Plant a Tree - Crowd Fund Platform Solution By Sheharyar Solutions application. At the point when the applications are set up for web and IOS we will revive to our website and on this posting as well. If you have purchased our substance you will in like manner be informed.

What kind of customizations you can offer?

We have 3 packs referenced above for rebranding,DB Integeration, and conveying of use to playstore. Regardless, that presumably won't be all that you need.We offer all sort of customizations and enhancements you may require in the application. However, the total of that will be discussed over a one on one affiliation. Dependent upon your necessities we can give you the quotes. If its all the same to you don't stop for a second to send us an email or interface with us on WhatsApp or clearly call us to find out additional. You can get all the nuances above or you can visit to get them.


Contact us
Well, here is a demo of this application which you must see. Even more, this application comes up with a reskinning service which you can get upon your purchase. However, it is highly recommended for you to contact us via email or WhatsApp before purchasing this application. We can help you better to understand your needs and functionality of this application.
Script is fully backed on AWS. Available only on Android For now!
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