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Social - Powerful Social Media Mobile app Solution by Sheharyar Solutions


Well, brilliant minds can always come up with ideas meant to bring ease in the lives of people. However, Social has been developed to offer a particular space for these brilliant minds to grow. This app template is brought to you by OMG Lancer in partnership with Sheharyar Solutions

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Instagramclone app template and script
Pharmacy & Doctors appointment app twitter clone app template and script facebook clone app template and script Instagramclone app template and script
Social Media app tempalte Android Studio Social Media app tempalte Android Studio Admin Dashboard design by OMG Lancer for Social Media app template which is a clone of Instagram and also can be called the clone of Twitter , Or Facebook Clone app template OMG Lancer is an amazing platform that offers a massive range of web & mobile app tempaltes.Preview Social Media clone app template on OMG Lancer

Social: A powerful social media app solution
Social media has become a hotspot for every lifestyle. From entertainment to business, everyone is utilizing social media to get popularity, reach a wider community and get various other benefits that social media platforms can offer. Well, brilliant minds can always come up with ideas meant to bring ease in the lives of people. However, Social has been developed to offer a particular space for these brilliant minds to grow.

Instagramclone app template and script

What is “Social”?
Social is an amazing application which has been developed to offer all the feel and luxury of social media application to its users initially. Enterprises and investors can choose Social to bring their amazing ideas to life. Currently, Social is available for android only.

Features of social:

  • Social is an effective application that is backed by a centralized AWS database which is ensuring the security of app data.
  • This application comes with high-level encryption which is pretty tough to sneak into.
  • The backend of this application is scalable and hosted on AWS completely. Due to its flexibility and scalability, it can easily cover a few hundred to millions of users with ease.

  • Social application is bringing unique solutions to the table including voice communication on comments and posts. This feature is highly effective to offer easier communication. Most amazingly, this feature has not been adopted by any other platform yet.
  • Social is also offering another amazing feature of video post-compression. This feature is amazing for users with limited data as they can post content as per their capacity. Users will get an opportunity to choose the quality of video they want to post.
  • Users can create groups based on different interests. While, other users can join or leave group, and can post content there. 

Besides these unique and innovative features, social is also offering traditional features that other similar types of applications are offering. A list of these basic features includes liking, commenting and sharing posts, sending and receiving messages, post search, user search, group search.
Social is certainly an amazing solution which can be a market leader with its highly innovative solutions.

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding Social? Feel free to get in touch.

FAQ's Social App

There are always questions before the final purchase of a product, & We understand how important that might be. So here are some of those questions answered.

What platforms this app is built on/for?

Social is built on Android Studio & it's built for Android platform the development language used for building the app is JAVA.

What is Admin panel of the app built on?

We are using Parse Platform for Social App, the database Social is using is Mango DB. Currently platform is backed by AWS. However if you wish to host it to your own server there is a detailed guide available & we can share upon your request.

What's the cost of Admin panel hosting?

For starters if you have 100 - 200 users on your app the cost of hosting is nothing. It's "0" however, if your app grows, there is a easy scaling option for just 5$/month & you can scale it as much as you like. It never goes down etc like other regular servers as it's hosted on AWS.

Can Ad mob be integrated in the app?

Yes in the fragment where all users posts are coming you can add the ad-mob ads, it's pretty easy to integrate any sort of ads in the app.

Will we be approved on Playstore?

Yes, absolutely! you will be approved as Social is approved,and live on playstore. Just make sure you don't use same logo & package name as of Social app. Also try changing the colors before publishing your app to playstore.

Are you planning to offer IOS & Web apps?

Yes, our developers are working on the IOS & Web sides of Social app. As soon as the apps are ready for web & IOS we will update to our website and on this listing as well. If you have purchased our script you will also be emailed.

What type of customizations you can offer?

We have 3 packages mentioned above for rebranding,DB Integeration, and publishing of app to playstore. However, that might not be all that you need.We offer all sort of customizations & enhancements you may need in the app. But all of that will be discussed over an one on one interaction. Depending on your requirements we can quote you the prices. Please feel free to send us an email or get in touch with us on WhatsApp or directly call us to learn more.You can get all the details above or you can visit to get them.

Get in touch with us

Here are the contact details to get in touch with us:
Social App tempalte comes with custom admin panel & a demo of the template can be given upon request.
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