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Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer


TrenchBlock is am an amazing tool that is absolutely free, which allows you to keep track of all of your crypto assets in one place. With the ability to get live rates and updates from Crypto Exchanges TrenchBlock provides you all the benefits in a single place. TrenchBlocks provide FREE Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency market updates from exchanges in realtime.

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TrenchBlock is am an amazing tool, which allows you to keep track of all of your crypto assets in one place. With the ability to get live rates and updates from Crypto Exchanges TrenchBlock provides you all the benefits in a single place. TrenchBlocks provide FREE Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency market updates from exchanges in realtime. Moving wallets to a new app can be highly insecure and you may want to avoid it at every possible level, with Trenchtimes you can keep your wallets in any place you like and still have the ability to see what's going on in the wallets. Like incoming and outgoing transactions, your current crypto value and rates in multiple fiat currencies also get detailed crypto price and market information and receive Signal updates directly from crypto team leaders. Bitcoin price tracking made easy with this crypto tracking app. Script by Sheharyar Solutions in cooperation with OMG Lancer visit us for purchasing the scripts.

Trench Block - Blockfolio Clone App for Android

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Trench Block is one of the most interesting and amazing solutions which is completely free for users to use. This amazing application is meant to help the users to keep track of their crypto assets at a single place with ease. Even more, users will also be able to get the live updates and rates from the crypto exchanges in the best possible way. More interestingly, Trench Block has the ability to let you manage all the cryptocurrency-related tasks in one place with ease. This crypto tracking application can make it easier for the users to track crypto prices in a wider range of crypto coins, tokens, altcoins including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Ripple, Binance Coin, Monero Classic, Cardano, ReddCoin, Augur, Siacoin, Monero Original, TenX, Dogecoin, and the list goes on. While, all in all, you can get updates about almost every type of cryptocurrency here with ease.
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Amazing features of Trench Block which you must know

Do you want to know the key features of this amazing Trench Block application? Here are some of the best features which are essential for you to know in this regard:
  • Trench Block is here to provide its users with all the information regarding bitcoin rates and market updates of other currencies from the cryptocurrency exchanges in real-time.
  • Trench Block is here to provide you a highly safe and secure transaction in the best possible way. You can stay stress-free while moving wallets to this application. With Trench Block, you can keep your wallet at any place you want and still have the ability to see what is going on with the cryptocurrencies in the wallets. You can make sure highly secure transactions with this amazing crypto tracking application.
  • You can easily get detailed updates about the rates and values of multiple cryptocurrencies just like incoming and outgoing transactions here. Along with this, you can also get details regarding market information, detailed crypto price in multiple sanction currencies, and can receive signal updates from the crypto team leaders directly.
  • You must know the fact that this amazing application also contains a simpler and easier to use admin panel. This admin panel is highly effective to let you manage everything available on this application with ease. Admin of this application can control everything on this application with the help of this dashboard.
  • Users can also view their portfolios with more than 10 fiat currencies such as USD, KRW EUR, GBP, BRL, JPY, and more, or crypto bases including ETH, BNB, XRP, BTC, PAX, USDT and more. Trench Block application has made it easier to ensure effective and real-time price tracking of cryptocurrencies in a more amazing way. Even more, this application can be an amazing opportunity to dismiss all the false information regarding crypto space and to receive curated signals from the leadership teams which you care about directly. Contact service providers This is the demo of this application. We also offer a reskinning service upon your purchase.


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Directing Commission and Payment Via Admin:

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FAQ’S Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer:

There area unit systematically inquiries before the last acquisition of Associate in Nursing item, and that we see however vital that will be. therefore here area unit some of these inquiries replied.

What stages this application relies on/for?

Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer relies on mechanical man Studio and it's worked for mechanical man stage the advance language used for building the appliance is JAVA.

What is Admin board of the appliance primarily based on?

We area unit utilizing take apart Platform for Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer App, the info Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer is utilizing is Mango sound unit. Presently stage is upheld by AWS. Be that because it could on the off probability that you simply would like to own it to your own server there's a nitty gritty guide accessible and that we will share upon your solicitation.

What's the expense of Admin board facilitating?

First of all on the off probability that you simply have one hundred - two hundred purchasers on your application the expense of facilitating is nothing. It's "0" in any case, if your application develops, there's a straightforward scaling various for simply 5$/month and you'll be able to scale it the maximum amount as you like. It ne'er goes down so forth like different traditional servers as it's expedited on AWS.

Would ad be able to horde be coordinated within the application?

Truly within the half wherever all purchasers posts area unit coming back you'll be able to embrace the promotion horde advertisements, it's entirely easy to include any quite promotions within the application.

Will we tend to be Affirmed on Playstore?

Indeed, totally! you may be supported as Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer is approved, and live to tell the tale playstore. merely make sure you do not utilize same emblem and bundle name as of Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer application. Likewise have a go at ever-changing the hues before distributing your application to playstore.

Is it correct to mention that you simply area unit meaning to provide IOS and net applications?

Indeed, our designers area unit chip away at the IOS and net sides of Trench Block | Blockfolio Clone App for Android by OMG Lancer application. once the applications area unit ready for net and IOS we'll refresh to our website and on this posting too. within the event that you simply have bought our content you may likewise be messaged.

What style of customizations you'll be able to offer?

We have three bundles documented on top of for rebranding,DB Integeration, and distributing of application to playstore. In any case, that in all probability will not be all that you simply would like.We offer all quite customizations and enhancements you'll need within the application. Yet, the whole lot of which will be talked concerning over a 1 on one association. Contingent upon your wants we are able to offer you the value estimates. If  mind don't hesitate to send email or connect with United States of America on WhatsApp. You'll be able to get all the subtleties on top of otherwise you can visit to induce them.
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Script is fully backed on AWS. Available only on Android For now!
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